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For the entire month of April, Clips4Sale will be offering 100% commission on clips. That means if you want to serve and support me in the best possible way, then you will make all purchases through there using my specific link: misshannaclips.com If you do not use this link, I will only receive 60% of each purchase so don’t let me down!

For some inspiration, below you will find my top 5 selling clips since January 1st, 2020. A fun mix of humiliation, teasing, and total denial.

More information about the custom clip raffle follows below.

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Top 5 Selling Clips on Clips4Sale (2020)

Here are the top 5 selling clips for my Clips4sale store from January 1st until March 31st, 2020.

5. Spit or Swallow: Gold Edition

This is one of the most humiliating jerk off instructions I’ve ever made. It is harsh. It is cruel. and it is DISGUSTING. Well, you are disgusting so this is what you deserve. You deserve the worst. If you have seen my previous clip, Spit or Swallow, then you might have an idea of what will happen in this clip. I don’t hold anything back, telling you exactly what I think of someone who completes this task. You will feel disgust but I know you will be rock solid hard, stroking away like the pathetic idiot you are.. I will continue leading you down this path and offer a light at the end of the tunnel… but is there ever an end to my humiliation?

Clip contains: humiliation, pee, jerk off instruction, cum countdown


4. No Buyout Blackmail

No more nice Miss Hanna. Today is time to get serious and to play for life! The moment you participate in this clip is the moment you consent to my terms so tread lightly or even better, throw caution to the wind, get messed up, and play along so that I own you for the days to come. I love adding more and more weak men to my list to fuck with and with no expiration date I can come for you whenever I want. It might be hours later, days later, even months down the road a little text message will show up and there will be nothing you can do to make it end. Sign up for life to be my blackmail bitch in No Buyout Blackmail.

Clip contains: blackmail, financial domination


3. Stockings Tease and Denial JOI

It is My world and you are just putty for me to mold and use and play with whenever I want. I know you have a stockings fetish and you can’t resist seeing my long sexy legs with sheer tights. Crossing my legs, teasing my feet and legs while encouraging you to fall for my tricks again. I will have you stroking and begging in no time and as I count you down to an intense orgasm I might change my mind. I have other plans in mind for you. Follow them and maybe you will get to cum to my sexy stockings.. or never again.

Clip contains: orgasm control, stockings, jerk off instruction


2. No Cumming 2020

Have you been contemplating chastity?

Do you feel like your orgasms control your life?

Are you interested in serving a Goddess in a deeper way?

Yes! No Cumming 2020 is HERE. This clip is being launched a bit early to help you prepare, and maybe cope, with your future. For the next year there will be no cumming! No nice JOIs, no seductive CEIs, just pure unadulterated orgasm free content.

All forms of chastity and orgasm denial are on the table. (Almost) Every clip released in 2020 will follow these rules to give you non-stop content for your cum-free year! Follow the instructions in the clip to sign up to this program and start the new year and decade a new you.

Clip contains: chastity, orgasm denial, orgasm control


1. Degrading Toilet Tasks

To enjoy this clip to its fullest you will need a bathroom with privacy and panties. A series of absolutely degrading and humiliating tasks that will have you broken and begging for more. They start tame, easing you in, coaxing you to push your limits, and by the end you will be a wet mess that no one will ever want anything to do with.

Clip contains: humiliation, toilet fetish, pee, messy


Custom Clip Raffle

To celebrate 100% in April and for all of you for doing your part – aka staying home – I am introducing a custom clip raffle. For every $25 you spend at Clips4Sale you will receive one entry for a 10 minute custom clip. To participate you must email me with your receipt.

Each day I will write out a ticket for each entry and add them to a jar.

On May 1st, 2020 I will record a video of me choosing a winner live.

There are no limits to the number of entries.

Good luck!