a week of humiliation clips

A Week of Humiliation

To kick off July I decided to release seven clips in seven days all of them humiliation-based. Today I will be releasing the final clip and possibly my favorite of the bunch, although that is difficult because I truly enjoy the tasks in each of these clips. The next one more devious than the last.

There is a little something for everyone below and for humiliation addicts, you can run free! I recommend buying all of the clips and doing one per day.

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Femdom Humiliation Clips

1. Earn Your Orgasm 2

The first Earn Your Orgasm was such a success and I had to film another. Let me take your dick on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Seducing and encouraging you to stroke as I explain the rules of how you can earn your orgasm. Completing a set amount of tasks to earn points will reward you with an orgasm. After which I will give you a hot chastity lockdown countdown. Until you reach 100 points, your dick will be locked and off limits. The tasks are challenging and hot so by the time you hit your goal you will be dripping from your cage begging for release.

Clip contains: Femdom POV, Humiliation, Chastity, Tasks, Anal Masturbation, Sissy Tasks

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2. 3 Day SPH Challenge


This challenge is meant to be spread over three days with three different levels. The first being measuring your dick while it is soft, the second while it is midway, and the third day while it is hard. Depending on how you measure up… or not, will determine your task for the day. The growers will certainly have the most variety but be careful what you wish for.

Clip contains: Small Penis Humiliation, Humiliation, Femdom

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3. Jerk it to Trash

Yes, this is exactly what it says. Today I am going to make you not only jerk off to a pile of trash but I am going to make you cum to it, too. I hope you are ready for one of the most humiliating mindfucks of all time and cross your fingers it doesn’t become your new fetish. A steamy slimy pile of trash might become appealing, the smell making you hard, sliding your dick between the layers, moaning and begging for more. By the end of the clip you will be questioning my power over you as I have convinced you to sexualize and get off on trash.

Clip contains: Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Femdom, Humiliation

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4. Your First Photoshoot

This is one of my favorite humiliation tasks but in this clip I expanded what I’ve done before. Leaving your fate up to chance I roll a die to determine your pose, clothing, location, and action. I also included a fun expos-re challenge for those craving risky circumstances. If you complete this challenge you can send your photos to my email or twitter.

Clip contains: Humiliation, Femdom, Sissification

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5. The Golden Trick Shot

Don’t waste it, taste it. As I always like to say. In this clip I will guide you along a water chugging, bladder filling adventure. You will only need a pitcher, or source of water, and a glass. Be mindful that you follow my instructions or else the trick shot will be more of a facial. I think some of you will miss on purpose – what do you think?

Clip contains: Humiliation, Pee

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6. Litterbox Scoop Challenge

An old humiliation challenge revisited and made even more humiliating. This is truly my favorite humiliating task which involves you, a litter box, litter, and a scooper. This challenge is made even more complicated for some when privacy is a commodity. Buy this clip to see what messed up and disgusting thing Miss Hanna is asking you to do today.

Clip contains: Humiliation, Toilet Humiliation

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7. Ball Licker

Since you have been such a good cuckie Me and My man have a very special job for you. Yes you are now being upgraded to ball licker. I will teach you exactly how to pleasure My man! Showing you with a small dildo then a larger one just how he loves it when my tongue traces along his throbbing balls, massaging his prostate up and down until he can’t take it. While you are locked up and ready I want you on your knees, mouth ready, and eager to please Him. If you are a good cuckie ball licker I will even let you fuck his ass with your tongue and then let him finish on your face. I hope you are ready for seconds and thirds, he is always wanting more.

Clip contains: Cuckold, Femdom POV, Chastity, Humiliation, Coerced Bi

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