Ask Out My High Heels

Ask Out My High Heels is the latest in a series of humiliating videos where I make you ask out various articles of clothing that I own. Yes, I am going to make you ask out my sexy high heels. How can you resist? They are stunning black velvet platforms heels with a 6 inch heel! They are everything you ever dreamed of and more. Tonight I am going out with a real man to get a real big cock while you sit home with my high heels romancing them all evening. This is what losers get to do. A dinner date at home and some basic worshiping of my perfect heels! You better treat them with respect and return them before curfew or you will have a very mad Goddess on your hands!

Required Items: none

Includes: Humiliation, High Heel Worship

Perfect for those losers who are sitting home alone on the weekends.

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