Beg For Dirty Feet JOI

I have a game for us today and I promise it will be a lot of fun. I got my feet REALLY dirty and dusty. Full of bits from the floor, hair, dust, etc but I am not going to let you see them until you beg properly. All the while I am calling you a loser and putting you in your place. Honestly, why would anyone want to stroke to dirty feet? What a loser. Once I am satisfied with your begging then I will tease you with my filthy feet but I won’t let you get too far. A quick tug and slap to your balls will keep you focused throughout these 20 minutes of bliss. Listen to my every word and watch as my dust covered feet sway, wiggle, and taunt you. Stroke when I say, worship when I say, and cum exactly when I say.

Required Items: yourself and a string

Includes: Humiliation, Foot Worship, Dirty Feet, Jerk Off Instruction, Orgasm Control Training, Cum Countdown

Perfect for dirty feet addicts who can’t control themselves.