The Season of Giving

2018-12-05 13:16:38

Hello pets and lurkers, 

I wanted to remind you that December is the perfect time to show a bit of extra appreciation for your favorite Goddess. We work hard all year to bring you boys the best content, the best interactions, and the very best of everything. Speaking for myself, I am a one woman show. I create the clip ideas, film them, act, edit, release, and then market them, and run all of my clip stores, this site, and my Twitter account. 

This year you can find my wishlist at - while you cannot purchase items directly you can send me a gift card to cover the cost. If sending a gift card make sure it is from their UK store and sent to misshlovescash -at- gmail -dot- com. 

Also during this time of the year it is important to reach out to those less fortunate and I am encouraging all of you to do the same! Find a local cause to support, send me proof, and I will send you an exclusive video (by the end of Dec). If you've never volunteered or donated before there are endless options check into local shelters who might be looking for blankets or coats, food banks looking for food donations, soup kitchens looking for volunteers, and much more. If you really don't know where to start please message me for info. 

Happy giving season!

Miss Hanna