cuckold humiliation

Cuck Meets Banana

Hello my cuckie. Today I have a very naughty and humiliating task for you. I want you to prepare two pillows; one in lingerie, and one in boxers. These will be your toys for the day and you are going to show Me how you can please my man. Yes, you will be teasing my man while full sissy!! Can you believe it? I tell you exactly how I want you to tease him, rub your ass on him, and pleasure him. Once you prove that you can pleasure your pillow man I will allow you some release, but only if you clean up!

Required Items: 2 pillows, panties, boxers, and a banana (duh!)

Includes: Cuckold, Humiliation, Female Domination, Cum Eating Instructions, Sissy

Perfect for those who love being humiliated cuckies for Me and My man!

Preview Shots of Cuck Meets Banana

butt in orange lace panties