Domme Mommy

You made the biggest mistake of your life telling me about your newly single father, who by the way, is incredibly hot. You thought I was just playing mindgames going out with him, fucking him, but marrying him. You never thought I’d follow through. Next time, don’t underestimate me. Now I am your step-mom and legally bound to your father and family.

Your father works very hard spoiling me, but that means he leaves the house for work often for long periods of time. Since you are a cuck loser and you still live at home it was the perfect way to fuck with you. There is no escape now. If you even try to tell him anything I will expose all of the filthy naughty things you have done for me and said to me over the years!

Required Items: none

Includes: Cuckold, Taboo, Humiliation, Mindfuck

Perfect for those interested in taboo cuckold fantasies.