edging to ass

Edging to Perfect Ass: Reconditioning

You can’t resist my ass in tight denim. You catch yourself trying to get a glance, just a peek at my perfection. This time I am not going to let you off easy. I know you have an interest in my ass and have been wanting to stroke to it while it is hugged by my blue jeans. Today I am going to allow you to stroke, carefully, as you repeat my words. Let me mantras and teachings wash over you and slowly rewire your desires so that the only thing you crave, the only thing you can get hard for or stroke to is my perfect juicy ass. Watch this clip on repeat for maximum effect.

Required Items: none

Includes: Edging, Mind Fuck, Tease, Denim, Femdom

Perfect for those who can’t get enough of a juicy ass in tight denim.