10 Humiliating Clips For Cum Addicts

Aside from my personal favorite of cuckold clips, I thoroughly enjoy making men eat their own cum. Especially if it is for the first time (; I love doing it in a sensual or playful way but the best is humiliating. Laughing at you as I emasculate and strip you of all dignity with your warm load dripping from your face and fingers is a dream come true. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced below you will find something special just for you.

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1. Cuck Meets Banana

Today I have a very naughty and humiliating task for my cuckie. I want you to prepare two pillows; one in lingerie, and one in boxers. These will be your toys for the day and you are going to show Me how you can please my man. Yes, you will be teasing my man while full sissy!! Can you believe it? I tell you exactly how I want you to tease him, rub your ass on him, and pleasure him. Once you prove that you can pleasure your pillow man I will allow you some release, but only if you clean up!

Clip contains: cuckold, humiliation, cum eat instruction, sissy training, coerced bi, humiliation

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2. Cummy Dummy

What fun is an orgasm if it isn’t messy and humiliating? It isn’t. Short and sweet this clip will drag you on a journey through humiliating tasks. Starting with a creative task to get you dressed appropriately for the session. Then I will instruct you on what you are allowed to watch, the rules for stroking, and of course exactly where you cum and most importantly, how you play with it. Full on messy cummy play for those cum addicts that can’t get enough of their load.

Clip contains: cum eating instruction, humiliation, cum play

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3. Foolproof CEI

foolproof cei

I heard that you keep wimping out on eating your cum. Personally, I am sick and tired of grown men emailing me crying that they can’t do it. How weak and pathetic can you be? Well, I know men are just weak creatures so I devised a plan to FINALLY get you to EAT YOUR CUM. There is no turning back, no way to get out of this one, it is happening and you will never be the same.

Clip contains: cum eating instruction, jerk off instruction

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4. Goddess Blackmails You Into CEI

I saw you admiring my tiny shiny bikini, isn’t it so sexy? So tight and so easily slipped off. Come with me into the locker room where we can have a more private space to get to know one another. Don’t be shy, I love to watch men stroke their cocks for me. Show me yours and show me how hard I make you. I’m going to love it and if you do what I ask, then I will show you what you want. Tugging on the strings of my bikini it takes just one pull for my bottoms to fall off.

Clip contains: cum eating instruction, jerk off instruction, blackmail

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5. Summer Treat CEI

I just LOVE summer. Don’t you? Of course you do. Women are walking around in tiny shorts and tops, it is just skin everywhere. I know men watch me in my booty shorts. I love it. I love using that power to make men do whatever I want. Today I am going to make you eat your cum. Guarantee. You will not be able to resist this summer treat, my instructions, and my hot body. Hands down the hottest clip you will see all summer.

Clip contains: cum eating instruction, jerk off instruction, ass worship

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6. Humiliation Task: Dirty Toilet Cum Licker

Dirty humiliation boy, begging for more, dirty messy play.. be careful what you wish for. Today’s task involves licking a toilet clean while being verbally humiliated. Of course that isn’t all, I want to really fuck you up. I want you stroking and licking, and preparing the throne to be dirtied and cleaned all over again!

Clip contains: toilet humiliation, cum eating instruction, cum play, humiliation

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7. Condom Guzzler

Taking a shot of another man’s cum straight from a condom is not for just anyone. This is a special act for cucks. Cuckies are not men, they are below men. This is why they become the cum disposal unit. See, you are barely human, just a play toy.

Soon you will be begging for us to have more and more sex, which is hilarious because that just means you will be denied more and more. Coerced to listen to us pleasure each other, and that moment when his cum shoots out and fills the condom you little dick gets so stiff.

You will learn to be the best condom guzzler that ever existed. Taking shot after shot of my man’s load will soon be your only source of protein. Filling your fridge with cum filled condoms so you get a taste at a moments notice.

Clip contains: cuckold, cum eating instruction, sissy training, chastity, humiliation

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8. Cream Pie Facial JOI

This session will push your boundaries further than you’ve ever gone. An incredibly hot and humiliating jerk off instruction with slutty sissy encouragement. I want my slut to get all dressed up for me and show me your true self. Then I will guide you through dick sucking, fingering your asshole, stroking your dick, filling your ass, and tasting the sweet hot mess from your face.

Clip contains: cum eating instruction, jerk off instruction, sissy training, humiliation

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9. Spit or Swallow

Possibly one of my favorite clips I have ever filmed. A perfectly executed mindfuck that will make you beg for more. Start this clip off with jerking off, and putting your cum in your mouth, holding it for the duration of the clip I give you a choice spit or swallow… it is simple really. Which will you choose? Do you really have your own free will? Or will you fall to your knees following my every command.

Clip contains: cum eating instruction, jerk off instruction, humiliation, mindfuck

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10. Humiliating Cum Play Session

Sticky and warm is the fresh load of cum sitting in the bowl in front of you. Are you prepared to do as I ask? I want you to prepare your cock again. Yes, you heard me. Right after you fill your bowl I want you edging all over. This time with some variations, obstacles, and absolutely naughty and humiliating cum play instructions. Tasting and playing with your cum between strokes, getting harder and harder until you can’t handle another second. Listen as I count you down from ten, to get you (nine), exactly where you need (eight) to be…

Clip contains: cum play, cum eating instruction, jerk off instruction, humiliation, cbt instruction

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