12 Utterly Humiliating Pee Fetish Clips

There is something beyond humiliating about making a grown man pee his pants or drink his piss! I love making pee humiliation and toilet humiliation clips for my extra dirty and kinky clients. Some of the clips below will push your limits to places you never imagined from torture techniques to full piss facials there is something for everyone.

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Utterly Humiliating Pee Fetish Clips

1. The Golden Trick Shot

Don’t waste it, taste it. As I always like to say. In this clip I will guide you along a water chugging, bladder filling adventure. You will only need a pitcher, or source of water, and a glass. Be mindful that you follow my instructions or else the trick shot will be more of a facial. I think some of you will miss on purpose – what do you think?

Clip contains: humiliation, toilet fetish, pee, humiliation task

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2. Golden Roulette

I LOVE a good roulette. Especially if it is humiliating and wet! This is a two round game, up to absolute chance to determine how this task will go. Your position, time, and amount of water is decided by a roll of a die. If you fail the first round there is a very upsetting punishment, if not you go on to round two. Round two is even more humiliating and disgusting. If you fail the second round your punishment is EVEN worse. Do you have what it takes to overcome this mental and physical challenge? roulette can be replayed over and over with different results – just have dice ready!

Clip contains: toilet humiliation, pee, humiliation, orgasm control

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3. The Golden Countdown Challenge

This entire clip revolves around your ability to follow direction and how disgusting you really are. You will need yourself, some water, and a glass to begin. If you want to hit the ground running, drink water and wait till you need the toilet to begin the clip. A very sexy guided stroking will commence once you have fulfilled all of my requirements. Now you will become my bitch. Obsessing and stroking with a warm glass of golden juice awaiting you. Stroking over and over as I give you your final instructions. Can you survive the countdown and enjoy your orgasm? Or will you be left with denial?

Clip contains: jerk off instruction, toilet humiliation, pee, mindfuck

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4. Degrading Toilet Tasks

To enjoy this clip to its fullest you will need a bathroom with privacy and panties. A series of absolutely degrading and humiliating tasks that will have you broken and begging for more. They start tame, easing you in, coaxing you to push your limits, and by the end you will be a wet mess that no one will ever want anything to do with.

Clip contains: toilet humiliation, dirty and messy, panties, pee

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5. The Tinkle Facial Express

I have created a lot of humiliating tasks, especially for the bathroom, and somehow they just keep getting grosser. You pathetic losers just keep buying them though so what is stopping me? You just need yourself and a few pitchers of water to complete this task so really there are no excuses. The perfect way to put you in your place; naked, humiliated, and covered in your own juices.

Clip contains: pee, humiliation, verbal abuse

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6. Spit or Swallow: Gold Edition

This is one of the most humiliating jerk off instructions I’ve ever made. It is harsh. It is cruel. and it is DISGUSTING. Well, you are disgusting so this is what you deserve. You deserve the worst. If you have seen my previous clip, Spit or Swallow, then you might have an idea of what will happen in this clip. I don’t hold anything back, telling you exactly what I think of someone who completes this task. You will feel disgust but I know you will be rock solid hard, stroking away like the pathetic idiot you are.. I will continue leading you down this path and offer a light at the end of the tunnel… but is there ever an end to my humiliation?

Clip contains: humiliation, pee, jerk off instruction, cum eating instruction

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7. Pants Wetting Training

I can’t think of anything more humiliating than peeing your pants. It is hilarious every single time and it just gets funnier and funnier the more men I convince to do it. What pathetic losers willing to do the nastiest things for me. I have a treat for you today. I have been receiving messages from fans who tell me they want to pee themselves but can’t do it. hahaha what a problem to have! I created a very easy to follow method to get you to pee your pants in no time. I will walk you through these tasks, preparing your mind, and count you down for the action. Ready to pee in three…two….

Clip contains: pee, humiliation, toilet fetish

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8. Humiliation Task: Dirty Toilet Cum Licker

Dirty humiliation boy, begging for more, dirty messy play.. be careful what you wish for. Today’s task involves licking a toilet clean while being verbally humiliated. Of course that isn’t all, I want to really fuck you up. I want you stroking and licking, and preparing the throne to be dirtied and cleaned all over again!

Clip contains: toilet humiliation, cei, joi, humiliation

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9. Humiliation Task: Pee Pee Fountain

I love humiliating you guys, this one just keeps the punches coming. After I have you finishing one task and before you even realize how disgusting you are I have you on a new one. Three messy, humiliating, revolting tasks for the humiliation addicts out there who just can’t seem to hate themselves enough.

Clip contains: pee, humiliation, cei, verbal abuse

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10. Pee Your Pants for Goddess

This is such a hot and humiliating challenge. What more could you want than a hot goddess teasing you, demanding that you stroke, and chug as much water as you can. I really don’t want to make it easy for you. My tight leather pants make my ass irresistible and my cruel devious smile will have you begging for more. So just sit back, drink, stroke, and relax all of your inhibitions for me. Make me laugh at your for being the pathetic loser you really are.

Clip contains: pee, toilet humiliation, verbal humiliation, shiny

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11. Humiliation Task: Pissboarding

Part of the humiliation task series. Each clip contains instructions of the task and how to share the result with me, whether it is photos or videos. Each task generally has several layers to it, different parts to engage in, all of them humiliating. I know you losers love these tasks that you can perform in the privacy of your own home, and show off how pathetic you really are to me so I can get a good laugh.

You might realize by the title that I went a bit dark for this one. I have a few humiliation addicts that want to be pushed further and further so here it is. This is a really disgusting variation on everybody’s favorite torture method except this one involves dirty underwear, piss, and jerking off. 

Clip contains: pee fetish, humiliation

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12. Pants Wetting Roulette

Leaving your fate to a computer is more humiliating than it sounds. It goes to show how little control you have in your life. How little control you have over your orgasms. You truly are pathetic. In true pathetic nature I am going to torture you with a pants wetting game. If you can complete the difficult task then you can do something enjoyable. If you do not complete it, then well… you get a humiliating task to do.

Clip contains: toilet humiliation, pee, humiliation

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