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10 of the Hottest Interactive Blackmail Clips

Goodbye to the old boring blackmail clips that have no interactive element. Prepare for the future of interactive fetish content and dive into some interactive blackmail clips. After years of diving into the fetish I felt there was something missing to the experience. I began creating clips that involved sending me information via a secure messaging app.

I use the apps Kik or Telegram for texting in a private and secure setting. There is no need to exchange personal phone numbers as the apps use usernames. Note that if you are using Telegram to check the privacy settings to hide your number.

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Hottest Interactive Blackmail Clips

1. Text Me Blackmail

This is the hottest blackmail session yet! If you want to play along with the clip download the app Kik first then follow my instructions. There is no messing around with emails – just quick easy text messages and if you’re super lucky I will be around to respond in real time! You can’t resist a private session with me, watching me tease you in my sexy pink lingerie set, just getting to know one another. Risk it all for me and my juicy ass. How quick can we raise the stakes? How much in debt will you go? Buy the clip to find out…

Clip contains: blackmail, findom, mindfuck

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2. First Time Blackmail

Welcome to your first time blackmail! You can trust me to hold your secrets close. You have been considering trying a bit of blackmail but you were always worried about the risk and consequences. I made this process as easy and harmless as possible to ease you in. This clip is perfect for you. Just share three pieces of very simple information. I will guide you through the process, and even count you down before you click send. It will be very hot and exciting and I will be very clear about my rules, intentions, and consequences. Dip your toes into some risky fun.

Clip contains: blackmail, financial domination, jerk off instruction

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3. Text Me Blackmail JOI

I’m back at it again with a brand new text me blackmail-fantasy clip but this time with a jerk off instruction. There are new instructions and a new location to send me your juicy info and secrets. I will have you stroking and stroking to my sexy body while I coax more and more from you.

Teasing you with my tight jeans and lace bodysuit as my grip of control tightens and tightens with every message you send. Be careful because I might respond during your session! An interactive blackmail-fantasy experience like you’ve never seen before. Spend your night stroking and sending me everything I want.

Clip contains: blackmail, jerk off instruction, humiliation, cum countdown

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4. Text Me Blackmail 2

text me blackmail 2

I had so much fun with the first round of Text Me Blackmail-Fantasy that I made a new version, with different information and raising the risk! I couldn’t believe the amount of messages I received and I am looking forward to those to come. This is the hottest Blackmail-Fantasy fantasy out there with the chance to interact with me live while you are watching me on your screen. Come play along and let’s have some fun. Don’t forget to download Kik before watching this video so there are no interruptions.

Clip contains: blackmail, mindfuck, femdom

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5. Interactive Humiliation Task Blackmail

interactive humilation task blackmail

Blackmail Goddess is back at it again and today with a very fun and very humiliating interactive clip. It is so easy to seduce you into doing anything I want including these pathetic tasks. You know you can’t resist even reading this right now has you rock hard ready to follow my commands.

All of the tasks are very easy to perform at home. Each task will have instructions on what information I want from you building and building until you are all mine. This clip is perfect for the blackmail and humiliation addicts that simply can’t get enough and can’t resist the risk.

Clip contains: blackmail, humiliation, jerk off instruction

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6. Timer Blackmail JOI

timer blackmail

Teasing in my gorgeous dark blue velvet bodysuit while slowly seducing information from you. This is such a hot blackmail clip none of you will be able to resist my instructions. Submitting the info here and jerking off while the timer is counting down. Can you cum before it reaches 0? If you can’t you might have to open your wallet for my compliance.

Clip contains: blackmail, jerk off instruction

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7. No Buyout Blackmail

No more nice Miss Hanna. Today is time to get serious and to play for life! The moment you participate in this clip is the moment you consent to my terms so tread lightly or even better, throw caution to the wind, get messed up, and play along so that I own you for the days to come. I love adding more and more weak men to my list to fuck with and with no expiration date I can come for you whenever I want. It might be hours later, days later, even months down the road a little text message will show up and there will be nothing you can do to make it end. Sign up for life to be my blackmail bitch in No Buyout Blackmail.

Clip contains: blackmail, findom, brat girls

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8. Real Deal Blackmail

real deal blackmail

I love blackmail games but I am looking for the real deal. I want real risky info for some real juicy fun. Specially priced for the real men with thick wallets. This isn’t for the weak-hearted or beginners. I included a fail-safe so that I will get what I am due even if you chicken out! As I like to say, it’s not breaking in if I have the key… and soon I will have all of them.

Clip contains:blackmail, financial domination, tease and denial

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9. Blackmail Mindfuck

Tonight is the night for the ultimate mindfuck. Get yourself ready. Grab your favorite beverage, your wallet, and your phone. You are in for a night of humiliation, for a rush of blackmail, of everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Stroke when I tell you, stop when I say enough, feel my control as I take every little drop of information I need from you to control your life. Always and forever.

Clip contains: blackmail, intox, financial domination, jerk off instruction

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10. Blackmailed by Your Phone

blackmailed by your phone

Your phone holds a lot of secrets. Secrets I would love to become mine. To play along with this blackmail game you will need to share screenshots or info from your personal phone through a messaging app (I offer 3 different ways to send it in the video). The perfect session for an evening of some stroking and sending. I raise the stakes with each task getting deeper and deeper into your world to extract everything I need to take over. A hot blackmail clip that can’t be missed.

Clip contains: blackmail, jerk off instruction, intox, edging

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Disclaimer: All clips listed here are for entertainment and fantasy purposes.

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