What is Mine is Her's

If you are familiar with my content then you know “what is mine is her’s” is my mantra trademark. It is like a little secret hidden in my content just waiting to trigger your next move.

You are one of the selfless ones. One who knows their place bowing in front of a powerful Goddess. Use this page to guide your journey and to see available positions. Then head over to this page and introduce yourself. Don’t forget the power of a first introduction and send a tribute.

custom femdom fetish audio

Positions Available

long-term servitude

Perfect for those looking for something deeper, more meaningful, and beyond this week.

Personal wallet

Your wallet it always stuffed full and ready for the taking. No questions asked, I send the amount, you send the money.


A special title for my special cucks. You don’t only serve Me but also My man!

bill adopter

Each month you will be in charge of paying a bill of your choosing. These start as low as $25/month.