sex stories for cuckies, sissies, and virgins

Sex Stories for the Deprived

We are about to have a cam session when suddenly I get a call. Since the world revolves around me and I get whatever I want, I decide to pick up and make you wait your turn. A girlfriend has called me to ask about a date I went on last night and I got so excited to spill the details about the guy that I forgot you were even waiting for me. Once I catch you listening in I share even more specific details about what trouble we got up to. A thrilling look into the life of a hot dominant woman and her kinky sex life. Something a guy like you knows nothing about.

Required Items: none

Includes: Female Domination, Cuckold, Sissy, Virgin, Humiliation

Perfect for those with a voyeur fetish, virgins, cucks, and sissies who love to hear the juicy details about me being a naughty girl!