Sub Diaries: A Journey to Denial

On a preview site, I had a series called Sub Diaries where I shared personal essays written by my subs. These stories range from their experiences in serving me, exploring new fetishes, or whatever is on their mind around BDSM. It is interesting to hear both sides of the story and to get a bit of a taste for how it is to serve me. If you are interested in submitting your story contact me via email.

A Journey to Denial

Last year I bought Miss Hanna’s clip “Bossy Bitch.” I had it in my collection for a few months and after watching it a few times I had to act on her offer to help tear me down and build me back up. (Such a fantastic clip! The outfit alone makes it one of the hottest femdom clips ever!) I sent a message to Miss Hanna asking her to help me work out more and become healthier. After a day of waiting I got a message with her Kik name. After contacting her on Kik (and paying my application fee) she sent me a message with her rules: To serve her I had to give up my orgasms and agree to some restrictions to become healthier. I had to report to Miss Hanna every day with my fitness progress and my health goals.

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In the beginning Miss Hanna spoiled me with permission to cum every time I worked out. But suddenly one day I got a different message. “I can’t decide if I want you to cum, edge or have a ruined orgasm. But cumming is probably not going to happen.” After that day my orgasms were replaced more and more by edging. Pure torture but it felt so good!

Then I saw the clip “Sunday Goddess Worship.” Miss Hanna kindly allowed me to cum every Sunday if I ate my cum before my weekly tribute. Such a humiliating and hot experience! (If you enjoy Goddess worship and CEI this clip is a must have!) My only problem is I am usually desperate for another orgasm after sending her my money and being humiliated.

And as I became better and better trained by her, she helped me explore my fetishes and my need to submit to a Goddess. She ordered me to keep my dick locked in my chastity cage for as much as possible. She also found out that my deepest desire was to be fucked by a Goddess with a strap on. She had me buy a dildo and helped me explore ways of using it during some intense Kik sessions! Later she told me to buy a massage wand which turned out to be one of my best purchases ever. Cumming in my cage for the first time was such an intense experience! Using it instead of normal jerking is also amazing.

sub diaries bossy bitch
She also gave me a task where all the stimulation I was allowed was anal for two weeks. I tried desperately for two weeks to cum but was left denied on the edge night after night!

After 8 months of servitude I now spend 90% of my time locked in a cage loving the feeling of my dildo. But when Miss Hanna allows me out the orgasms are mind blowing. Especially during her amazing Kik sessions where she knows exactly what to say to keep me both humiliated and desperate for her. I am also much healthier and I am so grateful that I can call myself Miss Hanna’s pet.

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