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Pants Wetter Training

I can't think of anything more humiliating than peeing your pants. It is hilarious every single time and it just gets funnier and funnier the more men I convince to do it. What pathetic losers willing to do the nastiest things for me. I have a treat for you today. I have been receiving messages from fans who tell me they want to pee themselves but can't do it. hahaha what a problem to have! I created a very easy to follow method to get you to pee your pants in no time. I will walk you through these tasks, preparing your mind, and count you down for the action. Ready to pee in three...two....

Femdom Humiliation Sub Training Denial Female Supremacy Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Your Name on My Lips (Roll Call)

What could be better than to hear your name upon my lips for the whole world to hear it? This heart stopping video where I up the stakes. Not only am I sharing a list of names but I'm spilling secrets. I'm spilling all of your nasty, dirty, kinky secrets and there is only so much you can do before everyone finds out what you told me. Is there an escape? Maybe.. you will just have to buy it to find out.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Bratty Femdom/Findom Mindfuck Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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One -Take Verbal Humiliation

What could be better than over 12 minutes of pure honest verbal humiliation. It comes so natural to me that I do this clip in a single take, no cuts, no edits, just straight honest truth. Can you take some verbal abuse from a hot Goddess?

Femdom Humiliation Verbal Abuse Bratty Femdom/Findom Virgin Humiliation SPH

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Ruined Orgasm Roulette

This is one of my harshest and intense roulettes ever. We will let the random number selector decide what you are going to watch, tasks you will have to complete, how you will get to cum and if you have to eat it!! I had so much fun making this clip and can't wait for you to complete this challenge. I'm going to spend a lot of time humiliating you, building you up, forcing you to cum and of course ruining it because that's the only thing you deserve and then you can receive a treat at the end!

Femdom Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction CEI Verbal Abuse Sub Training Orgasm Control Denial Ruined Orgasm

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Diaper Loser

At your age you still have a babysitter. How fucking pathetic! You refuse to stop wearing diapers and so you always need someone there to change them for you. You think it is really cute and funny when you make a mess but its not cute. Women always laugh when I tell them I am watching a grown man because he loves to soil himself. There is no way you will ever get a girlfriend when she hears about this nasty habit you have. Go ahead, go hide in the corner and make a mess. I'm not even going to change your nasty smell diaper because you're a grown man. I'm just going to humiliate you and get paid.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Virgin Humiliation Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Click Send For Me

Restore the natural balance. Men have been given too much and have access to money they don't need. It is time you hand it over to me. It looks better on me, I spend it better, and I said so. Easy as that. Men should all be required to send all of their wages to women everywhere. I will guide you through sending your first fat tribute, making it a memorable experience. I will have you falling head over heels obsessed with me, begging to send more and more and more. As you watch me getting more and more turned on, teasing you with my perfect perky tits, rubbing them, squeezing them, keep clicking send. Keep clicking to keep me happy.

Female Domination Bratty Femdom/Findom Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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First Time Anal

I guide you through your first time to shove something in your ass. I tease you, getting your more and more excited, encouraging you to take the dive, a finger in your ass. Come on, it will be fun. (;

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Anal Masturbation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Gang Bang Surprise

Tonight I am having some guests over and I need you to help me organize the evening! We will need the house cleaned, food made, drinks served, and of course entertainment. There will be 5 couples total, ten men and ten women. I don’t want my party to be standard and not memorable so instead I have an idea. I decided that tonight will be your big night! Once we have a few drinks we will go into a room where I present you as the gift to first all 10 women! Ladies first (; and then I present you with all 10 men…. and of course that is not all, but you will have to buy the video to find out exactly what I’m going to do with you. * Also provided are masturbation instructions and training so get your sluttiest dress and biggest dildo because it is going to be a hot night!

Femdom Goddess Worship Cuckold Coerced Bi Sub Training Orgasm Control Sissy Mindfuck Chastity Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Sissy Night In Task

I love giving sissy tasks and you all seem to love ordering them! This is a very fun task for you to complete any night of the week. I will walk you through your sissification, tell you exactly what I want you to do to prep and execute your slutty evening. These explicit instructions will give you a night of extreme pleasure, humiliation, and a fitting denial. It isn't your job to cum. It is your job to make others to cum so pull out your dildo and get it ready for me!

Femdom Humiliation Coerced Bi Orgasm Control Sissy Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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July Pig Enrollment

Another month means another list. Buying this clip enrolls you into my list of paying pigs, which also gets you bills sent to your messages. If you do not reimburse the bills sent to you, you will be removed from my list. This list is only for my good paying boys and eager to please pigs. I want to spend the entire month of July not paying for a single thing. That is your job!

Femdom Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Real Talk: I Spend it Better

It is a fact that women are better with money. Men have a habit of thinking with their dicks , wasting their money away. Stop being so wasteful and make a commitment. Commit to me already , because I will spend it better. It is much better to commit to one Goddess and have her keep control over your wallet and dick , she will keep you focused and earning more. I make your money look hot , I invest it more wisely , and let ’s be honest you are getting off on all of this. Getting off on me controlling your orgasms and living like a Goddess , so stop spreading $20 bills to a bunch of random people , and give it all to me.

Mental Domination Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Mindfuck Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Out of Your League

I am wearing the tiniest outfit ever, so shiny and sexy, straps hugging every curve. I am relentless with teasing you, showing every single inch while encouraging you to stroke the entire time. I am so out of your league and you know it. I am hotter, smarter, richer, I get every single thing I want. Will you be able to handle this incredibly hot tease? You can stroke but will you ever be able to cum? Watch this clip to find out.

Femdom Orgasm Control Edging Shiny Clothing Financial Domination Sensual Domination Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Know Your Place

This is exactly where you belong, on the ground looking up admiring me. You have to admit it is a very hot view, you get all the best parts right in view. I tease and taunt you, reminding you of your place in the world — all mens' place in the world… either as trash or a recyclable. Can I repurpose you or are you trash? Show me you are worth it. Even if I could repurpose you into something useful you still don’t deserve a woman like me. I can take everything from you: your name, your money, your orgasms. I will take it all, too, and show you how to be a better man. Repurposed; new and improved.

Femdom Humiliation Sub Training Orgasm Control Edging Denial Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Humiliating Mouthguard JOI

Pathetic men will jerk off to just about anything. Including my mouthguard that I need to wear at night. How messed up is it that you get off to seeing it, watching me put it in my mouth, rub my tongue all over it, popping it in and out, the way I sound when I wear it. Ew. Real men don't like that but you aren't a real man are you? Nope. you are a pathetic loser who needs me to verbally humiliating him while teasing him with the least sexiest thing in the world. Keep stroking loser it is the only thing you have left because no one will want a broken man.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Verbal Abuse

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 07:13

Nappy Dumb Dumb

You are the most pathetic man alive. You couldn't even complete one of my basic humiliation tasks which many before have done. If you are going to be a pussy I will make you one and I will make sure you complete the task. You have to wear nappies every single day until I say, you pathetic idiot. Suck on your dummy in your nappy until you show me you are man enough to do exactly as I say. This clip is definitely heavy on the humiliation side so be mindful when purchasing for the less adventurous (;

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Sub Training

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Small Dick Tax

If you know me then you know how much I despise small dicks. I think they are so disgusting and unfortunate and I do not hide the fact that I need a well-hung man to really take care of my needs. I decided that it isn't enough that you buy my small penis humiliation clips and do my small dick pay to views, but now I think you need to pay a small dick tax every month. Apologize through money for being so gross. If your dick falls under 6 inches then you are required to pay - no questions!

Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Financial Domination SPH

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Forever a Virgin

There are some virgins who are virgins forever. There is absolutely no chance that you will ever stick your dick inside of a vagina. None. Maybe your dick is just incredibly small and/or unfortunate looking, maybe it is limp and you can't get it hard even for a minute, or maybe you just can't hold it in and you wet yourself every time a woman even glances at you. These are all of the virgins that will stay virgins for their entire life. Not subjecting women your disgusting broken dick is the only thing you can do. I have actually come up with a plan for some of you to have sex but stay a virgin! You will have to buy the clip to find out more...

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Virgin Humiliation SPH

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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You Know Nothing, Virgin

If you are a virgin then you are a clueless sad pathetic man and you know nothing. How can you actually know how to please a woman when you've never even been with one? How can you relate to the rest of the world when you've never done something so instinctual? You can't. You are an old pathetic virgin loser with a tiny nub who has never had sex so therefor you know nothing. Buy this and let me tell you more about how much you suck.

Femdom Humiliation Verbal Abuse Virgin Humiliation SPH Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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June Pig Enrollment

It is a new month so there is a new enrollment period to be my paying wallet, my good pig, my human ATM, whatever it is you want to be called to be my good paying boy. Purchase this item and follow my instructions in the clip to be added to my receipt reimbursement list! I will be traveling to beautiful places in Europe this month so receive behind the scenes photos of me living my best life while you work very hard to give your Goddess EVERYTHING she wants. So fucking hot.

Femdom Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:31

2 Hour Chastity

I've heard the story again and again you want to lock up for me but you are nervous, maybe scared, you never locked a cage around your dick before. I'm such a giving Goddess and I created a new plan to ease you into chastity. This is the first clip in an ongoing series to train you how to live in denial. Starting with just 2 hours every day you will feel the cold hard metal surrounding your dick, slowly acclimating to your new lifestyle, your future locked in a cage for your Goddess. Controlling men's orgasms is my specialty. Denying their pleasure is just the cherry on the top.

Femdom Female Domination Sub Training Orgasm Control Chastity Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 08:25

Pay to Stay Mindfuck

So many sexy sensual elements to really dig my claws into your mind. I begin with slowly guiding your breathing, your thoughts, taking you on a journey. I introduce an important mantra to repeat while teaching you a new trigger. Remolding your mind to be only my paying pet. Repeating my words over and over. Weaving the layers until you can no longer resist having your mind fucked and wallet emptied.

Femdom Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Mindfuck Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 03:35

A Day of Worship

I want you to spend the next 24 hours doing exactly as I tell you. I own you and your next day. Every moment will be devoted to me and only me. None of your selfish needs. You will spend 24 hours with your Goddess Hanna, following instructions, and completing your financial tax for each item. Use this clip for a crash course in Miss Hanna, to begin your obsession, to fall in love again, to renew your devotion, whatever it may be, the next 24 hours belong to you and me!

Femdom Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Financial Domination Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:50

Financial Seduction

Time and money are the only things I am interested in. The less time it takes you to send me my money the better. If you want to experience Me truly and completely you better get ready to pay up. I want you paying for every glance at my tits, for every stroke, for every curve on my body. I want you working hard to be my bitch, working hard to give me everything, stroke to me while you pay tribute after tribute. It’s not that hard when I am in a tiny sequined bikini top and skin tight shiny pants squeezing my ass. This is one of the hottest and brattiest clips I’ve ever filmed; rubbing my tits, flashing my bare ass, you pay to see it and pay again to stroke to it. you’ll never get Me but that doesn’t mean you can’t stroke to Me, pay Me, worship Me.

Femdom Female Domination Financial Domination Sensual Domination Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 24:23

Pedicure with Me

The weather is getting warmer which means sandals and bare feet are upon us! I decided to film this sissy-focused tutorial just for all of my pretty sissies. I will show you how to make your feet soft, how to shape your toenails, and how to paint them! Step by step guide that you can follow along right with me. The perfect clip for beginners to learn how to get those pretty pretty toes. If you've followed along, send me a picture of the final product!

Femdom Female Domination Goddess Worship Humiliation Sissy Foot Fetish

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 08:58

Pretty Panty Wearing Sissy

My pretty panty wearing sissy just can’t help it. Girlie panties rubbing on your caged clitty is the sexiest you’ve ever felt. Let me show you some of my panties, describing them, the different cuts, feels, what would look best on you. Don’t you wish you had a pair of mine? Or maybe we had matching pairs? At this point you’ve been wearing panties so much you had to resort to using the stall in public bathrooms so no one sees your secret! haha so cute. You do know that real men don’t wear panties? You knew that but of course, you aren’t a real man. I think you should toss out all of your boxers and stick to panties for now on. Accept your place in the world being a pretty sissy.

Femdom Female Domination Goddess Worship Humiliation Verbal Abuse Sissy Mindfuck

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 03:54

Humiliation Task: 100 Clothespins Cum Challenge

I have very specific instructions for my humiliation pain addicts. This is such a fun challenge for all of my pain sluts, get a bag of clothespins, the tighter the better, and sit down with this clip. I will guide you through your task, your stroking, and whether or not you get to cum as I layer humiliation and abuse on you over and over and over. Can you cum through the searing pain?

Femdom Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Mindfuck CBT

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 03:22

Humiliation Task: Colorful Dick Challenge

A quick dirty little humiliation task that is perfect for those who are looking for a discrete secret that can be easily leaked to the public! The perfect cockblock is an unfortunate cock. I want to see how unfortunate you make your gross stink bugs after my task. Get your permanent markets and creative minds to work. Most amusing result will receive an exclusive custom humiliation video.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:28

Pimping Out My Cuck

You have been such a good cuckie that I think it is time for you to earn your keep around here. I gifted you to Alpha and he has been telling me how good of a cocksucker you are and how he has been bragging to all of his friends about it. Now they are asking me if you can suck them off! How naughty. I decided that I will let you but only if they pay. Haha did you think the money was for you? No way! It is mine. You belong to Me so everything you earn being a slut is mine. Your first client is on his way over. Go get cleaned up, make sure your little dickie is locked up tight, and you have an extra slutty outfit on. Go earn Me some money being a whore.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Cuckold Coerced Bi Sub Training Sissy Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:08

Real Talk: Post-Orgasm Shame

I encounter this fairly often. Man comes to see me for a session. Man cums. Man cries he doesn’t want anyone to know his secret, forget his name and face, deletes account. Repeat. I’m here to tell you that this shame spiral is unnecessary. I’m here to explain that your post-orgasm shame is normal, but you also don’t have to experience it. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed about your kinks. We all have our thing. In the world of Femdom clips this topic largely goes undiscussed. Many of us fulfilling our role as Domme often times humiliating you mid-session for this very kinks. I created this video to have a very honest conversation with you. Perfect viewing as a form of aftercare.

Female Domination Sub Training Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:56

Gentle Anal Training JOI

No need for gimmicks or extra long videos that miss the point, just a straight forward anal training session guided through a very sexy jerk off instruction. Yes, you read that correctly. I will tell you not only how to stroke and to tease you with my sexy sequined bikini top and skin tight shiny pants, but I will also teach you how to finger your ass. I will have you bouncing on your fingers craving a huge cock in there by the end.

Femdom Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction Coerced Bi Sub Training Anal Masturbation Sissy

Featuring: Miss Hanna