Anal Masturbation Ass Worship Belly/button Fetish Bratty Femdom/Findom CBT CEI Chastity Coerced Bi Cuckold Denial Edging Female Domination Female Supremacy Femdom Financial Domination Foot Fetish Goddess Worship Heel Worship Homewrecker Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Mantra Mental Domination Mindfuck Orgasm Control Panty Fetish Ruined Orgasm Sensual Domination Shiny Clothing Sissy Sock Fetish SPH Sub Training Tease and Denial Toilet Humiliation Verbal Abuse Virgin Humiliation
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A Day of Worship

I want you to spend the next 24 hours doing exactly as I tell you. I own you and your next day. Every moment will be devoted to me and only me. None of your selfish needs. You will spend 24 hours with your Goddess Hanna, following instructions, and completing your financial tax for each item. Use this clip for a crash course in Miss Hanna, to begin your obsession, to fall in love again, to renew your devotion, whatever it may be, the next 24 hours belong to you and me!

Femdom Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Financial Domination Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Financial Seduction

Time and money are the only things I am interested in. The less time it takes you to send me my money the better. If you want to experience Me truly and completely you better get ready to pay up. I want you paying for every glance at my tits, for every stroke, for every curve on my body. I want you working hard to be my bitch, working hard to give me everything, stroke to me while you pay tribute after tribute. It’s not that hard when I am in a tiny sequined bikini top and skin tight shiny pants squeezing my ass. This is one of the hottest and brattiest clips I’ve ever filmed; rubbing my tits, flashing my bare ass, you pay to see it and pay again to stroke to it. you’ll never get Me but that doesn’t mean you can’t stroke to Me, pay Me, worship Me.

Femdom Female Domination Financial Domination Sensual Domination Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Pedicure with Me

The weather is getting warmer which means sandals and bare feet are upon us! I decided to film this sissy-focused tutorial just for all of my pretty sissies. I will show you how to make your feet soft, how to shape your toenails, and how to paint them! Step by step guide that you can follow along right with me. The perfect clip for beginners to learn how to get those pretty pretty toes. If you've followed along, send me a picture of the final product!

Femdom Female Domination Goddess Worship Humiliation Sissy Foot Fetish

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Pretty Panty Wearing Sissy

My pretty panty wearing sissy just can’t help it. Girlie panties rubbing on your caged clitty is the sexiest you’ve ever felt. Let me show you some of my panties, describing them, the different cuts, feels, what would look best on you. Don’t you wish you had a pair of mine? Or maybe we had matching pairs? At this point you’ve been wearing panties so much you had to resort to using the stall in public bathrooms so no one sees your secret! haha so cute. You do know that real men don’t wear panties? You knew that but of course, you aren’t a real man. I think you should toss out all of your boxers and stick to panties for now on. Accept your place in the world being a pretty sissy.

Femdom Female Domination Goddess Worship Humiliation Verbal Abuse Sissy Mindfuck

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Humiliation Task: 100 Clothespins Cum Challenge

I have very specific instructions for my humiliation pain addicts. This is such a fun challenge for all of my pain sluts, get a bag of clothespins, the tighter the better, and sit down with this clip. I will guide you through your task, your stroking, and whether or not you get to cum as I layer humiliation and abuse on you over and over and over. Can you cum through the searing pain?

Femdom Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Mindfuck CBT

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Humiliation Task: Colorful Dick Challenge

A quick dirty little humiliation task that is perfect for those who are looking for a discrete secret that can be easily leaked to the public! The perfect cockblock is an unfortunate cock. I want to see how unfortunate you make your gross stink bugs after my task. Get your permanent markets and creative minds to work. Most amusing result will receive an exclusive custom humiliation video.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Pimping Out My Cuck

You have been such a good cuckie that I think it is time for you to earn your keep around here. I gifted you to Alpha and he has been telling me how good of a cocksucker you are and how he has been bragging to all of his friends about it. Now they are asking me if you can suck them off! How naughty. I decided that I will let you but only if they pay. Haha did you think the money was for you? No way! It is mine. You belong to Me so everything you earn being a slut is mine. Your first client is on his way over. Go get cleaned up, make sure your little dickie is locked up tight, and you have an extra slutty outfit on. Go earn Me some money being a whore.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Cuckold Coerced Bi Sub Training Sissy Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Real Talk: Post-Orgasm Shame

I encounter this fairly often. Man comes to see me for a session. Man cums. Man cries he doesn’t want anyone to know his secret, forget his name and face, deletes account. Repeat. I’m here to tell you that this shame spiral is unnecessary. I’m here to explain that your post-orgasm shame is normal, but you also don’t have to experience it. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed about your kinks. We all have our thing. In the world of Femdom clips this topic largely goes undiscussed. Many of us fulfilling our role as Domme often times humiliating you mid-session for this very kinks. I created this video to have a very honest conversation with you. Perfect viewing as a form of aftercare.

Female Domination Sub Training Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Gentle Anal Training JOI

No need for gimmicks or extra long videos that miss the point, just a straight forward anal training session guided through a very sexy jerk off instruction. Yes, you read that correctly. I will tell you not only how to stroke and to tease you with my sexy sequined bikini top and skin tight shiny pants, but I will also teach you how to finger your ass. I will have you bouncing on your fingers craving a huge cock in there by the end.

Femdom Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction Coerced Bi Sub Training Anal Masturbation Sissy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Mantra Reprogramming: Snap Initiation

After watching the first two mantra reprogramming clips you have now become a pliable sub with a blank slate for me to create whatever I desire. Your life is no longer yours. Your money, your time, your orgasms are now mine. My will is your way. This clip will help introduce a new trigger into your mind. It will help train you to respond to my cue, a snap, appropriately. This maximizes your use to me. After you initiation you will slowly develop this new trigger and respond exactly as I trained you. The perfect pet for the perfect Goddess.

Femdom Mental Domination Female Domination Mantra Sub Training Orgasm Control Female Supremacy Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Chastity Slut Humiliation

A mind fuck humiliation task perfect for chastity addicts but especially for sissies. First you need to lock your dick and then freeze the key in a container. Once it is completely frozen you may begin your task, following my instructions. You will also need a dildo (or at least someone like it). I will show you exactly what you are allowed to do as my sissy and train you for your one true purpose.

Femdom Humiliation Coerced Bi Orgasm Control Anal Masturbation Sissy Mindfuck Chastity Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Classic Ruined Orgasm

A Goddess in tight shiny pants and a sequined bikini top is surely going to make this equal parts easy and hard (; Relax and follow my instructions . I will guide you through an incredibly hot and sensual jerk off instruction with teasing close-ups, asserting my dominance while seducing you (five), make you weak (four), making you vulnerable (three), making you assume that you might be able to enjoy this one until (two)…

Femdom Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction Orgasm Control Denial Female Supremacy Sensual Domination Tease and Denial Ruined Orgasm

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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I'm Fucking Your Boss

Remember when we devised that plan to seduce your boss? You know the one, where I hit on him, flirt with him, maybe go out to dinner with him, so that he will give you a promotion or raise. Well, it went a lot further than planned and now I’m fucking him regularly. That is why you are staying at work more often lately and having all of these extra hours. I’m making your boss give you the work so I can go out and fuck him while you’re busy. He is nothing like you! He is wealthy, well-dressed, well-hung, you get the picture. He pleases me in ways I didn’t know imagine in bed and you always fell short so I decided I am just going to keep fucking him regardless.

Femdom Female Domination Cuckold Orgasm Control Denial Mindfuck Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Pay My Man

Being a cuckold slave is a thankless job, but someone has to do it. Previously you sent tributes directly to me, but now that isn’t good enough anymore. I want you to deposit your entire paycheck into my man’s bank account!! I want my man to spoil me, not you. He will give you a monthly allowance for the bare minimum while you work and work and work and we vacation, shop, and fuck. You are here to serve us. You are here to make our lives perfect. I have already taken away the use of your dick, and now I will just make you hand over all of your money to my man. How humiliating?

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Cuckold Verbal Abuse Bratty Femdom/Findom Sissy Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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May Piggy Enrollment

So you want to be one of my good wallets? one of my good paying piggies? Perfect. Buy this clip to be added to my list for the month and receive reimbursement bills or demands for tributes and gift cards. Once you do not deliver on my request you will be removed from my list so be sure to check your messages regularly and willingly.

Female Domination Goddess Worship Bratty Femdom/Findom Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Findom Card Challenge

Who doesn't love playing around with some risk? I certainly prefer living on the edge (; I created a new card game for us to play. I removed all 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Jokers from the deck. For each round I will pull two cards, if the cards are both red or both black I win, if they are one black and one red then you do. The two cards I pull, if I win, determine how much you have to pay me! Are you going to leave your night up to chance? I promise I'll go easy on you.

Goddess Worship Bratty Femdom/Findom Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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It’s Definitely Not Big Enough

I have a rule I love to follow. If a man has to measure his dick to brag about it, it is definitely not big enough. If a man has to overcompensate in his life, it’s definitely not big enough. If your dick is not big enough, which it probably is not, you better make up for it in other ways. No woman ever bragged about a tiny dick. Quite the opposite. Even if you get rich and your dick is still tiny, no woman will want you, she will only want the beautiful things around you. Get a clue and stop being so dick obsessed.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse SPH Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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3 Quick and Dirty Tasks

Dirty nasty humiliation addicts here is a new one for you. A brand new toilet humiliation clip with three disgusting tasks for you to enjoy and get your dick all hard. This clip is definitely for those with few limits and crave degradation. You will just need yourself and a bathroom to complete the tasks, no additional props or toys.

Femdom Humiliation Verbal Abuse CBT Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Peanut Butter Jelly JOI Time

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an icon and everyone has a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly in their kitchen. For this humiliating task you will need both! I will guide you through this extra messy and sticky jerk off instruction. I'll tell you exactly how to stroke, when to stroke, and made a fun little game out of it. I can't wait to see your nasty peanut butter and jelly dick sandwiches!

Female Domination Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Verbal Abuse

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 05:28

Humiliation Task: Sissy Toilet Humiliation w/CBT

My little humiliation addicts seem to have no boundaries and an affinity with toilet tasks. This is by far the most humiliating and disgusting-not for beginners or for a weak stomach. Of course this begins with you getting all done up, transforming into a humiliation-loving sissy! Go to the bathroom and lock the door.. or not, and then follow my instructions. This is not just a single humiliation task but a full on session getting more and more intense. It will be disgusting, hot, exciting, terrifying, but most of all it will end abruptly with a click and a splash, and without My remorse. If you are just dying to hear the words “good girl” while in your most vulnerable moment, right before I take everything away from you, lock it up and toss you aside, then this is exactly the clip you need. Come on, I know you are dying to know what’s inside.

Female Domination Humiliation Orgasm Control Sissy CBT Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Ask Out My Pantyhose

Femdom Goddess Worship Humiliation Foot Fetish

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:39

Suck My Dick

I have a big treat for you today. It isn't what you were probably expecting but it is going to make your whole year. As my locked sub I have had you practicing sucking dick for me, Taking bigger and thicker dildos each time. Telling you that one day you are going to suck a real one. Today is the day, you are going to suck MY big dick! Look how much bigger it is than yours. If your cage is feeling tight that means it is time to fall on your knees and open wide for Me!

Female Domination Humiliation Coerced Bi Sub Training Sissy Mindfuck Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 10:11

Addict For Goddess Feet JOI

You are a foot addict, a Goddess foot addict. Dying to see hot girls feet, dying to touch them, smell them, jerk off to them, kiss them, worship them, whatever it may be. This is a very rare occasion. I am actually going to allow you to cum for my perfect Goddess feet. A very sensual teasing jerk off instruction for all of the addicts out there. I will lotion and rub and describe my feet in great detail, seducing you to cum for me. Lots of different angles and lots of closeups of my feet. If you follow my directions and cum right when I say then you have a very special treat.

Femdom Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction Foot Fetish Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 05:34

This Will Make You Cry

You are absolutely disgusting and pathetic, a self-loathing loser, and you know it! I despise men like you and so does everyone else. That is why you are a lonely pathetic loser. Sitting there stroking away while I verbally abuse you. It doesn't take long for your repulsive dick to squirt a few drops so this will be quick and painful. Come on idiot, you can't resist a hot woman telling you the cold hard truth of why you're single and no one will ever want you.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Verbal Abuse SPH

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 10:06

Controlled by a Microchip

You thought that you had free will and you proved to me that you can't be trusted. You are not as loyal as you claim. Now, you only have MY WILL. Whatever I want, I will get. You are a pathetic man who thinks he can make his own decisions. While you were sleeping I had a microchip implanted in your head and now I control you completely. I control your thoughts, your dick, your movements, I can even read your thoughts. I know if you are trying to lie to me or think about anyone else other than me. I also decided for your punishment that you will now have your dick locked indefinitely. I hold the key to your cage and to the switch for your microchip. You belong to me completely.

Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Bratty Femdom/Findom Orgasm Control Mindfuck Financial Domination Female Supremacy Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 05:42

Worship My Feet Loser

Pathetic foot loser can't help himself when he sees My perfect Goddess feet up close. Especially if it isn't one set but three sets of my hot feet. I command you to go on the floor as low as you can go. Bow to My feet, bow to Me as I make you worship, sniff, lick, and kiss My sexy feet. All the while I am bullying you about how pathetic you are, getting a few kicks in while I'm at it. Don't you just love it when a hot girl is mean to you? [This clip is the same as the other of the same name. One was shot on my phone and edited with effects. This one was shot by my camera without any effects.]

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Bratty Femdom/Findom Panty Fetish Foot Fetish

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Mantra Reprogramming : Rewire

This is the second clip in this series meant to reprogram you through mantras into becoming my well trained sub. You are to watch these on repeat until you can only hear the mantra over and over in your thoughts. Until I become the voice inside of your head. Until you can't resist to fall to your knees and say Yes Goddess every time I snap my fingers. I will rewire you into my tool, my pet, my useful man. You got broken along your path so I am cleaning up some of your defects. Allow me to shape you into my most prized possession.

Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Mantra Sub Training Ass Worship

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 07:35

Findom Card Game

I love a good card game. Especially if I made the rules of the game so I always win. You already knew that I would win didn't you? You are still intrigued though. Look at my bodysuit... the way you can see my tits busting out of the bottom, the way it is cut, the lace, the see-through lace. Don't you wish all of the card dealers were this hot? Let's have a fun evening where I teach you my fun card game and I become hotter, brattier, and richer as the night goes on. For some added fun pour yourself a drink and watch on repeat.

Bratty Femdom/Findom Mindfuck Financial Domination Female Supremacy Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 04:07

The Traumatizing Pillow Humiliation Experiment

By now you must know I am the Queen of Humiliation. This clip is no exception. If you thought Ask out my Pantyhose was humiliation, then you have another thing coming. I am going to convince you do something you probably never even thought about. It is so insulting, but yet so innocent, The most intimate object in your room, your pillow, is about to show you how fucking pathetic you are and the real reason why girls won't date you.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Sissy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 03:51

Be My April Pig

Want to be useful for me? This is your chance to make it on my list of wallets. Purchase this clip to become Miss Hanna's piggy for a month. That means you are going to get random receipts and bills to pay for and you better pay up! I don't like to be kept waiting. If I want to go out to lunch with my friend, you will pay. If I want to do some online shopping, you will pay. Using my own money is soooo boring and not nearly as fun. Its so hot to go out using other men as my wallet just spending away. It this dirty kinky secret that I am carrying with me every day of my life. Hot! Buy this clip to get on my list and become one of my pigs for April.

Female Domination Verbal Abuse Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna