Anal Masturbation Ass Worship Belly/button Fetish Bratty Femdom/Findom CBT CEI Chastity Coerced Bi Cuckold Denial Edging Female Domination Female Supremacy Femdom Financial Domination Foot Fetish Goddess Worship Heel Worship Homewrecker Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Mantra Mental Domination Mindfuck Orgasm Control Panty Fetish Ruined Orgasm Sensual Domination Shiny Clothing Sissy Sock Fetish SPH Sub Training Tease and Denial Toilet Humiliation Verbal Abuse Virgin Humiliation
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Findom Mantra Training

Have you ever dreamed of becoming my wallet?  Have you ever craved control from a Goddess? My mantra training will prepare you for a life of servitude. "What is mine is hers" Watch this clip on repeat until you have my words memorized. Watch this clip on repeat until you have no reservations. "What is mine is hers" Follow my instructions and send your first tribute. Follow my instructions and become my wallet.

Mental Domination Goddess Worship Mantra Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Sissy Cum Addict JOI

Every sissy I encounter is a cum addict. If you are shaking your head, you just haven't been trained yet. This humiliating task is sure to be a favorite by all cum addicts. A very sexy jerk off instruction while telling my sissy exactly how to play with their dildo with a very delicious ending. Make your Goddess proud and show off your skills that would make every man envious.

Femdom Humiliation Cuckold Jerk Off Instruction Coerced Bi Sub Training Sissy Mindfuck

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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The Tinkle Facial Express

I have created a lot of humiliating tasks, especially for the bathroom, and somehow they just keep getting grosser. You pathetic losers just keep buying them though so what is stopping me? You just need yourself and a few pitchers of water to complete this task so really there are no excuses. The perfect way to put you in your place; naked, humiliated, and covered in your own juices.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Weekend Findom Challenge [October]

I love a good findom challenge and this one is so easy anyone, literally anyone can participate. I give you one weekend to complete this task and at the end of the month whoever performs the best will receive a prize. You have until the end of October to complete and submit, Let the most devoted and selfless wallet win!

Femdom Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Cuckold Indoctrination

If you want to be my cuck then you need to work hard for the privilege. I want absolutely committed subs who release their free will to me. I created a list of rules that you must follow every single day and night. From the moment you wake up you begin your devotion to Me and My man. As my cuck you will be indoctrinated through this process of total submission, total mindfuck, you will lose your identity and just be known as cuck 27 or cuck 45. Use this clip to begin your journey to releasing absolute control to Me. Follow all of my instructions exactly, every single day, and maybe you will be worthy.

Mental Domination Female Domination Cuckold Bratty Femdom/Findom Mindfuck Financial Domination Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Humiliating Hands-Free JOI

I'm back! And I have some of my hottest and definitely most humiliating clips coming your way. This humiliating jerk off instruction does not allow you to stroke with your bare hands! I give you some ideas of what to do and how to follow along for those lacking creativity but feel free to really take it further - and let me know what you used! <br><Br>The verbal humiliation is HARD so don't buy this clip if you are a whiny little bitch. This is for the humiliation addicts who can't get enough insulting themselves and doing really pathetic things to cum. I even included a disgusting and absolutely degrading finale for those who are by far the most pathetic. If you cum with my instructions then you really really deserve the sloppy ending.

Femdom Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Verbal Abuse Bratty Femdom/Findom CBT

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Sweet and Sour: Ass Worship JOI

Sweet innocent girl that works down the street can easily seduce you in her colorful clothing, cute skirt, and you will take her home, introduce her to your family. Everything is going well until you are alone and suddenly this sweet girl becomes a bossy Goddess who demands you get to your knees and stroke for her ass. Shoving her ass in your face, forcing you to kiss it and sniff it while stroking on her command.

Femdom Jerk Off Instruction Verbal Abuse Bratty Femdom/Findom Mindfuck Ass Worship

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Lingerie Tease

The term rip off insinuates that you are getting ripped off and I don't think that this should be applicable here, although some may argue otherwise. Paying to catch any glimpse of your Goddess should be worth every penny and every moment. Everything I ask for is granted. Everything I ask for is worth it. If I want to charge $20 or $2000 for a clip then that is its worth. You are not in a position to debate semantics - you are in a position with your wallet open, being a selfless good paying sub. Buy this and then send me a generous thank you for allowing you to see me in such detail - even if its brief.

Female Domination Bratty Femdom/Findom Financial Domination Sensual Domination Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Happily Locked Forever

We have been engaged for awhile and the good girl that I am, I told you I am saving it for marriage. Well, I am, but not for you. Yeah, you heard me right. You gave me this big rock and you spoil me rotten why mess with a good thing. I love how focused you are not thinking with your dick. On our wedding night, I am going to give you a chastity cage and lock you up forever. Marriage is a binding contract which means your chastity is too! Admit it, all along you secretly wished for this. When I go out with the girls on the weekend you want me to flirt with men and let them flirt back. This just seals the deal. Are you ready to say I do to your cage?

Femdom Female Domination Cuckold Bratty Femdom/Findom Financial Domination Ass Worship Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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Only Feels Good When You Pay

This clip is not for beginners and definitely not for cheap losers who don't understand what it means to pay a hot woman. I will seduce you into my trap, teasing every inch of my body, my round plump ass, my perfect perky tits, and my words that weave in and out until there is no escape. Your stroking guides you down a rabbit hole of paying me over and over so that maybe in the end you can enjoy the hottest orgasm of your life because it only feels good when you pay.

Femdom Mental Domination Jerk Off Instruction Mindfuck Financial Domination Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:26

Stroke, Stroke, or Lock

I created a very special wheel just for you! Full of tiles for stroking and days to be locked. I will allow you 5 spins of the wheel to determine if you can stroke or start counting days to be locked. If you do not get any locked days and only stroking, then the challenge takes a very different turn. Did you think I would just let you cum normally? haha never! Leave your orgasms fate in the hands of chance. Your fate slowly handed out spin by spin... can you handle it?

Female Domination Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction CEI Mindfuck Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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She Doesn’t Get You

I don’t need to convince you to cheat on your partner. You are already thinking about it or you wouldn’t be reading these words, you wouldn’t be considering buying this clip (just buy it). You have been watching me, admiring me, you know I am absolute perfection. Everything she could never be. How hot would your life be if I was your girlfriend? You wouldn’t even be able to handle it. Why settle for less when a Goddess exists in front of you. Imagine me OWNING you and CONTROLLING your ever little move. Your wallet, orgasms, everything is MINE. She doesn’t get you or your fetishes. She isn’t kinky like us. From now on, I want you focused ONLY on me. You’re going to end it tonight and confess your love to Me.

Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction Bratty Femdom/Findom Orgasm Control Mindfuck Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 05:52

Stroke to Man Feet

I heard that you are into feet, but I guess problem for you is you didn’t specify what type of feet. Now I’m going to make you feel extreme humiliation as I make you stroke to random men’s feet. I make you confess your fetish, tease you with my feet, and then you will pay me for giving you this privilege and purpose and allowing you to stroke to a man’s feet.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Cuckold Jerk Off Instruction Verbal Abuse Foot Fetish

Featuring: Miss Hanna

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August Wallet

It is that time again when I am collecting names for my good paying boys. You must purchase this video to get on my list, and then you will receive the privilege of being MY wallet! I'm such a generous Goddess giving you the chance to serve me in such a useful way. Don't forget to follow my instructions specifically or risk being blocked from future clips!

Female Domination Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 11:09

Foolproof CEI

I heard that you keep wimping out on eating your cum. Personally, I am sick and tired of grown men emailing me crying that they can’t do it. How weak and pathetic can you be? Well, I know men are just weak creatures so I devised a plan to FINALLY get you to EAT YOUR CUM. There is no turning back, no way to get out of this one, it is happening and you will never be the same.

Femdom Jerk Off Instruction CEI Mindfuck Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 14:18

Modification: Porn Addiction Cure

You have an addiction to porn and it is ruining you. You objectify women. You don’t know how to talk to them. You just stay home all day every day stroking your pathetic cock to vanilla porn. Jerking off to a reality that will never be yours. I am here to cure you. I am going to modify your brain. Following my instructions will place you in a deep meditation where you can best follow my instructions. Relax you, seduce you, and break you into a million pieces to only rebuild you into my perfect tool. By the end of this clip you will stop objectifying women and you will no longer have an interest in vanilla porn. You will learn your place, in submission to women, in submission to Me. Watch with caution because there is no reversal to this process. This is a cure.

Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Humiliation Orgasm Control Mindfuck Female Supremacy Sensual Domination Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 10:38

Pay For Your Sins

Every man is in debt to me. You owe me just like every single man on this earth. There is no escape. You will pay me what is due. Every man pays me. Every single one. Just looking at me costs a fee. If you aren’t paying regularly, for everything, forever then you are dead to me. Men have sinned and now you are paying the consequences. There is no use in even trying to resist my perfection and my will. I am in charge here. The only way you will ever pleasure me is by typing in your precious card info and clicking send, over and over, and over again.

Femdom Female Domination Goddess Worship Bratty Femdom/Findom Mindfuck Financial Domination Female Supremacy Sensual Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 11:14

Denied the Pleasures of Real Men

Do you let women know how pathetic you are? On a night out if a woman approaches you how do you explain your cage? How about that you have matching panties? Women don’t want to fuck men in panties or chastity devices. You knew that though. You have watched vanilla porn. You know that the men in those scenes are not in a cage or panties, and they certainly are not eating their cum. The women eat their cum. What does that make you? I force you to do all of the things I think are pathetic. I would never date a man who does any of them! You deserve every second of the humiliation. You are here for my entertainment and to serve me. If I say that you should be denied the pleasures of real men, then you are denied pleasures. Denied the pleasures of stroking or feeling your dick get completely hard. Forced to wear girlie panties and slurp up your cum. Every day is a risk that someone will find out what a loser you are!

Femdom Humiliation CEI Verbal Abuse Coerced Bi Denial Sissy Chastity Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 07:53

Gateway Drug

You are considering serving a Domme but you might be shy or nervous about such a serious commitment. No need to worry. I'm here to guide you into your submission. I am here to breathe new life into your life. You will think about things you never imagined before. You will do things you never thought possible. I will stretch every limit you thought you had and have you falling to your knees begging for more. Learn my new mantra to prepare you for the experience of a lifetime. Play it on repeat. Recite it daily. Become my sub and experience things you never thought possible.

Femdom Mental Domination Female Domination Goddess Worship Mantra Sub Training Mindfuck

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 07:43

Pants Wetter Training

I can't think of anything more humiliating than peeing your pants. It is hilarious every single time and it just gets funnier and funnier the more men I convince to do it. What pathetic losers willing to do the nastiest things for me. I have a treat for you today. I have been receiving messages from fans who tell me they want to pee themselves but can't do it. hahaha what a problem to have! I created a very easy to follow method to get you to pee your pants in no time. I will walk you through these tasks, preparing your mind, and count you down for the action. Ready to pee in three...two....

Femdom Humiliation Sub Training Denial Female Supremacy Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:51

Your Name on My Lips (Roll Call)

What could be better than to hear your name upon my lips for the whole world to hear it? This heart stopping video where I up the stakes. Not only am I sharing a list of names but I'm spilling secrets. I'm spilling all of your nasty, dirty, kinky secrets and there is only so much you can do before everyone finds out what you told me. Is there an escape? Maybe.. you will just have to buy it to find out.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Bratty Femdom/Findom Mindfuck Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 12:46

One -Take Verbal Humiliation

What could be better than over 12 minutes of pure honest verbal humiliation. It comes so natural to me that I do this clip in a single take, no cuts, no edits, just straight honest truth. Can you take some verbal abuse from a hot Goddess?

Femdom Humiliation Verbal Abuse Bratty Femdom/Findom Virgin Humiliation SPH

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 05:44

Ruined Orgasm Roulette

This is one of my harshest and intense roulettes ever. We will let the random number selector decide what you are going to watch, tasks you will have to complete, how you will get to cum and if you have to eat it!! I had so much fun making this clip and can't wait for you to complete this challenge. I'm going to spend a lot of time humiliating you, building you up, forcing you to cum and of course ruining it because that's the only thing you deserve and then you can receive a treat at the end!

Femdom Female Domination Jerk Off Instruction CEI Verbal Abuse Sub Training Orgasm Control Denial Ruined Orgasm

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 11:07

Diaper Loser

At your age you still have a babysitter. How fucking pathetic! You refuse to stop wearing diapers and so you always need someone there to change them for you. You think it is really cute and funny when you make a mess but its not cute. Women always laugh when I tell them I am watching a grown man because he loves to soil himself. There is no way you will ever get a girlfriend when she hears about this nasty habit you have. Go ahead, go hide in the corner and make a mess. I'm not even going to change your nasty smell diaper because you're a grown man. I'm just going to humiliate you and get paid.

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Verbal Abuse Virgin Humiliation Toilet Humiliation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:37

Click Send For Me

Restore the natural balance. Men have been given too much and have access to money they don't need. It is time you hand it over to me. It looks better on me, I spend it better, and I said so. Easy as that. Men should all be required to send all of their wages to women everywhere. I will guide you through sending your first fat tribute, making it a memorable experience. I will have you falling head over heels obsessed with me, begging to send more and more and more. As you watch me getting more and more turned on, teasing you with my perfect perky tits, rubbing them, squeezing them, keep clicking send. Keep clicking to keep me happy.

Female Domination Bratty Femdom/Findom Financial Domination Female Supremacy

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 07:10

First Time Anal

I guide you through your first time to shove something in your ass. I tease you, getting your more and more excited, encouraging you to take the dive, a finger in your ass. Come on, it will be fun. (;

Femdom Female Domination Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Anal Masturbation

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 07:31

Gang Bang Surprise

Tonight I am having some guests over and I need you to help me organize the evening! We will need the house cleaned, food made, drinks served, and of course entertainment. There will be 5 couples total, ten men and ten women. I don’t want my party to be standard and not memorable so instead I have an idea. I decided that tonight will be your big night! Once we have a few drinks we will go into a room where I present you as the gift to first all 10 women! Ladies first (; and then I present you with all 10 men…. and of course that is not all, but you will have to buy the video to find out exactly what I’m going to do with you. * Also provided are masturbation instructions and training so get your sluttiest dress and biggest dildo because it is going to be a hot night!

Femdom Goddess Worship Cuckold Coerced Bi Sub Training Orgasm Control Sissy Mindfuck Chastity Tease and Denial

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 04:57

Sissy Night In Task

I love giving sissy tasks and you all seem to love ordering them! This is a very fun task for you to complete any night of the week. I will walk you through your sissification, tell you exactly what I want you to do to prep and execute your slutty evening. These explicit instructions will give you a night of extreme pleasure, humiliation, and a fitting denial. It isn't your job to cum. It is your job to make others to cum so pull out your dildo and get it ready for me!

Femdom Humiliation Coerced Bi Orgasm Control Sissy Chastity

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 02:06

July Pig Enrollment

Another month means another list. Buying this clip enrolls you into my list of paying pigs, which also gets you bills sent to your messages. If you do not reimburse the bills sent to you, you will be removed from my list. This list is only for my good paying boys and eager to please pigs. I want to spend the entire month of July not paying for a single thing. That is your job!

Femdom Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna

play-button 06:38

Real Talk: I Spend it Better

It is a fact that women are better with money. Men have a habit of thinking with their dicks , wasting their money away. Stop being so wasteful and make a commitment. Commit to me already , because I will spend it better. It is much better to commit to one Goddess and have her keep control over your wallet and dick , she will keep you focused and earning more. I make your money look hot , I invest it more wisely , and let ’s be honest you are getting off on all of this. Getting off on me controlling your orgasms and living like a Goddess , so stop spreading $20 bills to a bunch of random people , and give it all to me.

Mental Domination Bratty Femdom/Findom Sub Training Mindfuck Financial Domination

Featuring: Miss Hanna